Mosal Award

The Mosal Award, named for the Society’s late Executive Director Emeritus, Dr. Margaret Mosal, provides financial support to chapter advisors for the completion of projects that lead to personal professional growth. The award provides a $5,000 stipend to faculty advisors with at least five years of service for the completion of their proposed project.

Lara Roemer

Associate Dean of Social and Business Sciences
Carl Sandburg College. Illinois

Living Ubuntu: Creating Meaningful Opportunities for Diverse Connection in Rural America

Professor Roemer will travel to England to participate in Oxford University’s Summer Institute on History, Politics, and Society to study global migration and immigration. From her research and discussions with international faculty, Professor Roemer will facilitate partnerships between local organizations assisting immigrant populations and Carl Sandburg College, enhance curricula for her International Relations, Global Issues, and History of Africa courses, and utilize connections gained through the Oxford course to create study abroad opportunities for Carl Sandburg College students.

Lara Roemer
Lara Roemer, 2020 Mosal Award Recipient