PTK relies on partnerships and support from college administrators, volunteer advisors, community businesses, and national non-profits to provide unmatched benefits and opportunities to our members. We also strive to provide these partners with recognition and opportunities to lead and serve within the organization.

Student Success Champions

Phi Theta Kappa would not exist without the strong support of college presidents. The 42-member Presidential Advisory Board is a vital voice in informing PTK’s strategy. View Full Presidential Advisory Board Here

Dr. Warren Brown, president of North Seattle College in Washington, led community college presidents in his state in a proclamation recognizing PTK as the official honor society for the state of Washington.

"I have seen first-hand how PTK has developed students into leaders,” he said. “PTK students are active not just in their academic pursuits, but they also give back to enhance the environment of the college and to support the social integration of all students. We hope that other states can follow suit, so that students can realize that there are no other honor societies quite like PTK.”

Dr. Warren Brown

president of North Seattle College in Washington

Dr. Hal Higdon, president of Ozarks Technical Community College, began setting aside money in the college’s general budget in 2017 to cover the membership fees for all eligible students. More than 750 new members were inducted this year.

“Any college president that’s not supporting their chapter and paying the students’ initiation fees, or any college that doesn’t have a chapter, isn’t serving their students in the way they should,” he said. “As long as I’m here, we’ll be doing it.”

Dr. Hal Higdon

President of Ozarks Technical Community College in Missouri

Dr. Michael Chipps retired after 40 years as president of Northeast Community College in Nebraska. His guidance has been integral as we have expanded our programs and benefits for career-technical students.

“It finally heralds and correspondingly honors the often misunderstood yet amazing contributions CTE students bring to the highly skilled workforce,” he said. “It equalizes the academic playing field, honoring both technical and transfer students alike. And, it sends a clear message that Americans need to recognize and celebrate the richly woven tapestry of technical and transfer. It is all academic. Technical and transfer students hold equal ground and share equal value.”

Dr. Michael Chipps

Former President of Northeast Community College in Nebraska

Jill Board, president of Cerro Coso Community College in California, has been an instrumental leader as PTK extended membership to those incarcerated or on parole. An associate degree reduces recidivism rates by 16%, and a bachelor’s degree drops it to just 6%.

“In education, we don’t see numbers; we see human beings, we see brighter futures, and our Incarcerated Student Education Program (ISEP) is a great example of our mission to educate those who never dreamed a higher education was possible,” she said. “Membership in Phi Theta Kappa provides these students a large network of resources and opportunities to help them become more competitive and successful upon release. I recommend all students that qualify join PTK.”

Jill Board

President of Cerro Coso Community College in California


Phi Theta Kappa is dedicated to working as a part of the larger community of community college champions.


In early 2019, we announced a partnership with Walgreens to offer up to 65 scholarships of $130 each to cover the cost of certification exam fees for members enrolled in Allied Health or Pharmacy Technician programs.


Our new partnership with The Andrew W. Mellon Foundation will enable us to expand our honors program and give mini-grants to help PTK chapters complete their Honors in Action projects.


At AACC’s annual convention we recognized the Top 20 students in the nation and the best transfer student from each state, our flagship scholar programs, sponsored by Coca-Cola Scholars Foundation and Follett Higher Education Group.


We recognized the Coca-Cola New Century Workforce Scholars from each state at the Leadership Congress in San Francisco in October 2019. New Century Workforce Scholars are sponsored by The Coca-Cola Scholars Foundation.


The Phi Theta Kappa Foundation recognized the Dream Scholars in Long Beach, California, with a $1,000 scholarship for each scholar.


For the second year, JKCF has generously supported the publication of Civic Scholar: Phi Theta Kappa Journal of Undergraduate Research, which showcases some of the most impactful research and projects undertaken by PTK chapters.

Hites Transfer Scholarship

We were saddened to learn of the passing of Jackie Hites, a member of the Phi Theta Kappa Foundation Board of Trustees who, with her late husband Ray, established a $2.3 million scholarship endowment to fund the Hites Transfer Scholarships in 2010. Ten scholarships of $7,500 each are awarded annually, making it PTK’s largest scholarship award.

International Honorary Member

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